Hiring a Suitable Remote Developer is Now Seamless

Flexibility is paramount with us, which is why you are leading in our search for the perfect match and we offer you a notice period of one month. We are happy to explain the process to you:

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Getting acquainted and drawing up a job profile


Looking for the right match with the right skill set


Our remote developers will begin working for you


Evaluations and Partnership

1. Getting acquainted and drawing up a job profile

We are eager to help you with your issues and concerns, no matter how complex. Whether you are looking for a remote developer, an entire team of remote developers, or a project manager, we have got you covered. We would like to get to know you and discuss your wishes, needs, and expectations.

What are you looking for? What skills should a developer possess? Which project will they be working on, and how long will it take? This also includes agreements about working hours. As a result of our healthy conversation, we draw up a job profile.

2. Looking for the right match with the right skill set

With the job profile, we look for suitable candidates within our network. Good to know: our remote developers go through a rigorous selection procedure with various assessments before we include them in our network. We test their communication skills and go through a scenario where they read the documentation and write a plan of action.

In addition, we do a thorough background check by certifying their education, work experience, certifications and references. This way, we can offer you the quality that you expect from us.

3. Our remote developers will begin working for you

Our remote developer/s, fully equipped with all the necessities, can get to work for you within a short time. You then have direct contact with them regarding your requirements and what you expect from them.

Our developers are trained to work in a team and will provide daily feedback on the progress of the work.

4. Evaluation and Partnership

After the perfect match is found, we are still there to help you with any questions/queries. We also have monthly evaluations with you regarding our remote developers to discuss their Key Performance Indicators and other deliverables. There is a constant communication channel open to ensure honest feedback is provided on both ends for smooth flow of productivity.

What if you are not satisfied?

Together with you, we have found the right match, but what if there is no click or you are not satisfied with the results delivered? Then we will arrange a suitable replacement as soon as possible.

This is entirely free of charge because we go for 100% satisfaction. Fortunately, we have not experienced this until now. But know that you are always entitled to a suitable replacement at short notice so that you can continue with the project.

Source code and intellectual property

You may wonder what happens to the written programs and codes. We understand that! Everything happens within your own domain when our developers get to work for you. You are and remain the owner of every source code developed by (one of) our developers.

The same goes for other intellectual property. We naturally handle sensitive company information with care and provide associated documentation. This is all contractually agreed because transparency is crucial to us.