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Orange Lynx IT is a certified out-staffing agency that provides remote developers with multifarious skills in the IT industry through a seamless hiring process.

Orange Lynx IT saw a demanding opportunity of requiring remote developers in today’s global village and has honed in the experience to provide top quality remote developers to multiple organizations, software houses, and IT companies.

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Build Your Remote Global Development Team

Our in-house team takes care of your business needs completely. We run a tight ship when it comes to providing quality remote developers that match your requirements. We make sure that your experience with our service is seamless and time saving.

We help you recruit the best of the best and set up the appropriate job interviews, matching interviews, and skills-based tests as per your requirements. The decision to hire the top candidates is entirely yours, and we will take care of your remote developers once you hire them on our end by providing them with insurance, meals, office space, corporate training and other amenities.


Compliance with Global Quality Standards

We are a Netherlands-based out-staffing agency, and we follow the global compliance procedures and certification to the letter. Our developers also meet the global development and software standards with their IT-based industry knowledge and skills like object-oriented programming and test-driven development. They are also provided proper training and certifications, which we ensure are up to the required standards.

1% Rule as Corporate Social Responsibility

Orange Lynx IT believes it is essential to give something back to our society. We make sustainable entrepreneurship concrete by giving every client a choice to donate 1% of the invoice to a good cause. That can be the Dutch food bank or an education project in Africa. You will, of course, receive an overview of how much has been donated to which charity.